Application Template V 1.0

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Application Template V 1.0

Post by ανιєтα on Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:39 am

The following is the application template for the Users who is willing to apply to God, make sure you understand the question and answer it.

Add #1 at the end of your topic's title if this is your first time applying to God and add #2 if this is your second time applying and so go on.

1. PB2 username:

2a. PB2 profile link:

2b. Since when did you start playing Pb2?:

3a. Kills count:

3b. Deaths count:

4. Do you have any alternative account(s)? (If yes, list them with profile links):

5. What clans were you in before you apply in God?:

6a. Why did you join those clans?:

6b. Why did you left those clans?:

7. [Important] Why do you want to join God?:

8. [Important] What can you offer in God?:

9. Timezone:

10. [Important] Why should we accept you?:

11. Who recruited you?:

12. [Very Important] By applying to God, you agree to our terms and conditions/rules, and you must follow it strictly, You will respect the clan members as much as possible so we will do the same. Are you sure you want to be part of the clan?:

The application process is very simple, first, member(s) will judge your application (Judging will last for 1-2 days, depends on your app) , and then if the members are contented with your answers and you seems eligible to them, they'll vote +1, and if they aren't they will vote -1. If you received +5 votes, it means you are already accepted. But if you received -3 votes at any time, you are automatically denied. But if you failed to get a +5 votes by the end of the week, you're denied. Goodluck!
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