De Boi #1 [Denied]

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De Boi #1 [Denied]

Post by De boi on Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:16 pm

1. PB2 username: De Boi

2. PB2 profile link: None

3a. Kills count: 0

3b. Deaths count: 0

4. Do you have any alternative account(s)? (If yes, list them with profile links): None

5. What clans were you in before you apply in God?: None

6a. Why did you join those clans?: -

6b. Why did you left those clans?: -

7. [Important] Why do you want to join God?: Okay, since my answers were lack of answers, pardon me that. I wanna join GoD to help the founder (Avieta) To make this clan's reputation better to others, i have a lot of experience leading clan on many games such as (Sas4;Agario;CS Portable) I'm play these games more than a year and when i saw this game PB2 i fell in love with it, and when i saw you in-game you were very pro. I was a guest that time when i saw you playing.

8. [Important] What can you offer in God?: Loyalty and maturity, since i believe that i am matured enough and i'm careful to my actions and i will assure that this clan will succeed and reach its dream(s)

9. Timezone: UTC - 10:00

10. [Important] Why should we accept you?:

11. Who recruited you?: No one, i applied.

12. By applying to God, you agree to our terms and conditions/rules, and you must follow it strictly, You will respect the clan members as much as possible so we will do the same. Are you sure you want to be part of the clan?: Yes, indeed.

De boi

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Re: De Boi #1 [Denied]

Post by ανιєтα on Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:22 pm

[Application Denied]

Reasons: The applicant didn't meet the minimum requirements.

You may re-apply 2 weeks from now 9/25/16
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